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Pattern 3

Template/Schema/Importer :-

1. Templates :- These are excel files for each and every importer.

It is a Customer Template where fields are defined of the tables where data to be inserted.

2. Schema :- it is a xml file where Database table fields are mapped with the excel template fields.

  • Here in RecordType tag -> Name of the template is defined i.e. Customer Master.

  • After that fields are defined in Name tag

  • In Description tag the description to be shown in the template is defined

  • Datatype fields -> defines the datatype of the field

  • Level = 1 i.e. Main Table field, Level =2 i.e. child table field.

  • If field is Mandatory then True else False.

3. Importers :- Import_CustomerTaskProvider

Firstly packages are defined for import then class is defined after that PartyType and PartySubType is defined. For here PartyType = ‘C’ and PartySubTypeTable = ‘Customer’.

–> DocType, TemplateName, TemplateFunctionName is defined.

–> ExecutePreValidation Function :- here prevalidations are executed.

–> Execute Server and FindVouch Function :-

This class inherits -> ImportTaskProviderPartyBase

GenerateSQL function :-

HandleGroupData Function :-

TryImportRowGroup Function :-

3.2 If the excel file is not reading then we have to check Excel Sheet Name and TemplateName in the Import Provider are same or not if not same it will not read the data in the excel file.

3.3 If the above condition is true and still Importer is not able to read the data then we have to check whether the excel sheet contains the Columns -> Warning Code, Warning Descriptions, Error Code and Error Descriptions.