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Pattern 1

  1. Multiselect function from a view and grid editable from different tables.

    Multiselect applied on the Grid -> Member on Add Member Button.

–> Code in frmCommittee -> AdvancedSelect function called in the button Add Member, Screenshot attached.

–> Grid binding done in frmCommitteeModel :-

Prepform :-

–> GenerateParamsModel Function :-

Sorting done by Moveup, MoveDown, Renumber buttons. By code :-

oSort = New clsWinSort(myView, Me.btnMoveup, Me.btnMoveDown, btnRenumber, “rank”)

  1. Softform of any form

–> frmEwaybillPartB is the softform of frmewaybill.

–> SoftForm -> frmEwaybillPartB is called on the add and edit button of frmewaybill on Tab -> Part-B grid.

–> Code in frmEwaybillPartB :-

Declaration of the main form in the soft form as fMat.

–> PrepForm of softform :-

Save & OK Button work :-