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This method is used to check mode of the form (add/edit) and set values accordingly. In prepform Gridviews are also created and filled with required data.

Gridviews are used to get or post data from/in multiple tables at the same time. One gridview corresponds to one table in database.

Public Overrides Function PrepForm(oView As clsViewModel, ByVal prepMode As EnumfrmMode, ByVal prepIDX As String, Optional ByVal strXML As String = "") As Boolean
        Dim sql As String, oMasterData As New clsMasterDataHRP(myContext)
        Dim ds As DataSet

        Me.FormPrepared = False
        If prepMode = EnumfrmMode.acAddM Then prepIDX = 0
        sql = "Select *, 0 as CompanyID from Employees where employeeid = " & prepIDX
        Me.InitData(sql, "personid", oView, prepMode, prepIDX, strXML)

        Dim dic As New clsCollecString(Of String)
dic.Add("fullname", "select fullname from persons where personid =" & myUtils.cValTN(myRow("personid")))
dic.Add("employeeid", "select employeeid From employees where leavedate is null and personid = " & myUtils.cValTN(myRow("personid")))
        dic.Add("VendorCode", "select * from vendor where employeeid = " & frmIDX)
        ds = myContext.Provider.objSQLHelper.ExecuteDataset(CommandType.Text, dic)
If ds.Tables(0).Rows.Count > 0 Then Me.ModelParams.Add(New clsSQLParam("@Name", "'" & ds.Tables(0).Rows(0)("fullName") & "'", GetType(String), False))
If (ds.Tables(1).Rows.Count > 0) AndAlso (frmMode = EnumfrmMode.acAddM) Then Me.AddError("EmpCode", "This person is already added as an Employee")
        If ds.Tables("VendorCode").Rows.Count = 0 Then
        Me.ModelParams.Add(New clsSQLParam("@VendorCode", "'" & "Not Defined" & "'", Get-Type(String), False))
        Me.ModelParams.Add(New clsSQLParam("@VendorCode", "'" & ds.Tables("vendorcode").Rows(0)("vendorcode") & "'", GetType(String), False))
        End If

        Me.FormPrepared = True

        Return Me.FormPrepared
    End Function