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We can manage accessibility of objects on user’s level under this section.

Click on Configuration->Database Security


We can set object’s code like Application, Browser, Entity, Forms/Reports/Function, Browser, Navigation, Workflow and Transaction in object type for accessibility.

Application: We can set accessibility for application using object type =Application

Entity: We can set accessibility for browsers using object type =Entity

Forms/Reports/Function: We can set accessibility for forms/reports/scalar function using object type = Forms/Reports/Function.

Browser: We can set accessibility for Browser using object type =Browser

Navigation: We can set accessibility for navigation using object type =Navigation

Workflow: We can set accessibility for platform using object type = Workflow

Transition: We can set accessibility for Workflow using object type = Transition


We can set Keys values of application, Browser, Systableid, Navigation, forms, transition in object key for accessibility.


We can assign permission given values in permission type.

Edit: We have assign full permission using value Edit for permission type.

Add: We have assign permission for adding item only using value add for permission type.

Open: We have assigned delete permission using value Open for permission type.

Execute: We have assign permissioned for edit only using value Execute for permission type.

Generate: We have assigned generate permission using value Generate for permission type.

Sort: We have assigned permission for access reports using value Sort for permission type.

Delete: We have assigned permission for using value Delete for permission type.

All: We have assigned full permission for objects using value All for permission type.

Check Type

We can set values User, group, hostname, Mac Address, Host IP and Network IP for Check type.


We can set username and also add multiple users by separate, in allowUsers for accessibility of objects.


We can set username in DenyUsers for decline the accessibility of objects.