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Notes for DB Permissions

For dbpermission framework will auto pick it up from the MainMenuXML + Adminbehave + objPermissionRole fields

Need to set value for Adminbehave in ClientViews, ClientFrmPrn,ClientBrowse.

S=Require Super Admin

T=Require Tenant Admin



For Object Permission Role follow below steps:

Step.1 No need to make any changes for those objects which are called directly in MainMenuXML and can left as NULL.

Step.2 If objects are not called directly in MainMenuXML then firstly find all these objects and make a list.

Step.3 After make a list, find all possible navigation for called these objects & pick up the parent object’s keys it may be more than one.

Step.4 These parent object’s keys set in objPermissionRole for respective objects. Eg: key1, key2

Step.5 If parent object’s key is not found for the same object type then we can enter cross object type parent by specifying viewdef.key or frp.key or bro.key

   eg: viewkey.ListInvoice or frp.frmInvoice or bro.Invoice