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IIS -Web server setup

  1. Go to “Server Manager” and add the following roles & features:

  1. Go to “IIS Manager”

  2. Go to “Feature Delegation” and change features as follows:

  1. For an example we can add the following sites as follows:

    a. AuthorizationServerMulti

    b. GstNirvana

  1. Edit the site bindings as follows:

a. AuthorizationServerMulti

b. GstNirvana

  1. Assign “Full Control” rights for “Everyone” group on “App_Data” folders of site.

  1. Install complete “Web Deploy 3.6” from following URL:


  1. a) Configure “Management Service” as follows: (Windows Server version)

  1. b) Configure “Management Service” as follows: (Windows non- Server version)

In Non-server versions of windows, the “Web Deployment Agent Service” should run in background for web deploy.

  1. Configure “Management Service Delegation” as follows:

  1. Log in to the Azure portal, open the VM and select the “Networking” section & add following two inbound port rule in firewall entries:

    a. http - Port 80

b. WebDeploy - Port 8172

  1. To use the in-built web publishing wizard in Visual Studio, the virtual machine must be configured with a DNS name. from the Azure portal, navigate to the “Overview” page of your virtual machine, under “DNS name”, click “Configure”, provide a globally unique DNS name. (A green tick appears when the name is validated.) & click Save to save the configuration:

  1. Follow the following article to setup publish profiles in Visual Studio projects: