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There are two options to create views:

  1. New -> New View

  2. AppSystem -> Views->Right Click ->Copy View..

After choosing any one option, the View form will appear.

Product -> Firstly select product in which views to be created.

E.g- ASP

Applications -> After select product than select applications.


View Key ->User can assign view key it is should be unique for Publisher and Product.


StrView ->User can set display name for view.


Adminbehave ->Need to set value of Adminbehave for accessibility as per below :

S=Require Super Admin

T=Require Tenant Admin



Object Permission Role -> No need to make any changes for those objects which are called directly in MainMenuXML and If objects are not called directly in MainMenuXML then find all possible navigation for called these objects & set the parent object’s keys with , if found more than one. We can enter cross object type parent by specifying viewdef.key or frp.key or bro.key

 E.g: viewkey.ListInvoice or frp.frmInvoice or bro.Invoice

Visualizations ->User can select grid visualization for View output.





Visualization Small -> User can select grid visualization small for Mobile’s View output.

Grid-> Chart->

Dash-> List->

DataSource Tab

User can set data source SQL for view output in this section.

AppliFilters ->User can set list of filters which are applicable on this view.

E.g- Comp,Campus ..etc ![](/images/viewapplifilters.jpg)

Type ->User can set Data source query type Default value is Fields but user can it to Template as per requirement.

View Width Percent ->User can set view’s output percentage.


Ignore Paging ->Default value for this is False but user can set True if paging require on view output.

Fields Tab ->

Select-> User can set fields of Data source Query without select and Form keywords.

From-> User can set Data Source Tables or Functions.

Client-> User can use Client if DataSoursce is PDCClientView

Group By-> User can set Group by Fields of select query.

Having-> If SQL query included Having Condition then user can set having condition in this section.

Order BY-> User can set Order columns in this section.

Fixed Where-> User can set fixed where conditions in this section.

ObjPermission-> User can set Object which must be present in that Product.

Generate->User can verify output of views after entered SQL query go to Grid available after Common tab then clicking on Generate Button and showing output.

Parameters Tab ->

FiltParam-> User can set fixed filter with default value in this block.

Note: FiltParam should be in XML Code and use correct Syntax. If syntax not correct then errors showing in Errors block and applied Filters should be present in AppliFilters List.


<FILTER> ->Starting Tag.

FILTER KEY->Set Filter key define in Table ClientFilter

ACTION->Set Default

VALUE VALUE1->Set IdField like FinyearID.Function Currfinid pick current finyearid.

OPERTYPE->Set operation type like eq for Equal.

</FILTER> ->Ending Tag.


WhereParam ->User can create Owen where conditions as per requirement and apply particular on menu’s in menu definition.

E.g. Use WhereParam conditions in MenuDefination

TransformBefore-> TransformBefore worked before view output generated.

E.g. View Output before transformation.


IDFIELD->Assigned key field. Like Returnperiod

PIVOT->Assigned field to transform as header. Like SectionName

AGGCOL->Assigned field to transform below header respective SectionName. Like Amount

View Output after transformation:

TransformAfter-> TransformAfter worked after view output generate.

View Output before transformation ->

ADDCOL ->Column name which is to be added.

KEY->Assigned Caption name for added Field like perInc

FORMULA->Set value for Added column.

View Output after transformation ->

Common Tab


User can set print layout as per view output known as MMR.it is define in XML and follow below syntax.

FormatXML -> User can format of columns of visible column like Caption, Date format etc.



Print Vertical Grid Lines ->Default value is null.

Max Font Size ->User can set font size of printing output.

Filter for Printing ->User can set filter which apply only when printing output.

Hide Columns->User cat set columns which are not require for printing.

MMRXML->User can define format for printing known as MMRXML.


<MMR>->Starting Tag

SERIAL ->Set true if require serial number on MMR output.

**DETAILHTFACT **->Set row height for MMR output.

**HEADER PREFIX **->Set Header of MMR output.

EVAL ->Set Evaluate value like date

FORMAT->Set for mat of evaluate value.

GROUP FIELD ->Set Field name on which output should be group by.

TYPE->Set type of group by

</MMR> ->Ending Tag.


Grid Tab

Complex -> User can link multiple views through a key field in this section.

<DISPGRID> ->Starting tag

</DISPGRID> -> Ending tag

<MAINGRID> ->Starting tag

VIEW KEY -> User can set view for display grid

<MAINGRID> -> Ending tag

<MAKEREL INSERTAT ->set default value 0.

BANDS ->User can combine all child’s view in this section.

FIELD ->Set idfield

CHILD ->Set child using give value 1,2 etc.

Layout-> User can define view layout in this section.

Inverted View->User can marked if require visibility of columns horizontally.

Ban Sort->User can marked in require sorting on view.

Reverse Direction-> User can marked if require visibility of columns from Ending.

Column Headers->User marked if require fixed header.

Fix Columns-User can set fixed no of columns in this block.

strWidth->User can width for visible fields in this block.

Heading Factor->User can set width for header in this block.

strBand->User can set Display name for view.

Row Height Factor->user can set row height in this block.

GroupOn->User can set Group column Name in this block.

Default Wid Fact.->User can set default value of column’s width.

Allow Group By->User can marked if allow group by on header columns.

Sort On Columns->User can set columns require sorting on columns.

Summary->User can define summary totals for views in this block

Output ->

Chart Tab


Dashboard Tab



Totals Tab


Output ->

List Tab

User can define mobile views output in this block.

Children Tab


Click on AppSystem -> Applications->Views


Click on AppSystem -> Applications->Right Click->Edit In View Designer