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There are two options to create form/report/functions:

  1. New -> New Form/Report/Functions
  2. AppSystem -> Form/Report/Functions ->Right Click ->Copy Form/Report/Functions

After choosing any one option, the Form/Report/Functions form will appear.

Applications ->User can set application for created form.

E.g. gst

Product ->User can set product for created form.


Key ->User can set form key in this block,it is should be unique for publisher and product.

E.g. frmgstSaleInvoice

Type ->User can set type of form in this block.

E.g. Form

Name ->User can set form name for display in this block.

Sort index ->User can set sontindex for created form it is require for sequencing for right click options.

ClassPath ->User can set classpath for created form in which form is defined.


Names Tab

Add Text ->User can set caption Name for right click option with prefix Add

Eg.Add Sale Invoice

Edit Text ->User can set Edit Key word which showing before right click option when form is edit.

Copy Text ->User can set Caption for right click option when need to copy form.

Applications Tab

Permission Key ->User can set permission key for created form.

Platforms ->User can set platform for created form like window,web etc

In Context Menu ->User can marked if required right click menu for edit.

Report App Code -> The prefix of the reportdataprovider should either be first appcode of entry in clientfrmprn/clientparent or mentioned in reportappcode.

Conditions Tab

AddXML ->User can set condition for right click menu for add form.

EditsysXML->User can set condition for showing edit right click option.

Grid Condition ->User can set condition for visible right click option on views

Children Tab


Click on AppSystem -> Form/Report/Functions


Click on AppSystem ->Form/Report/Functions ->Right Click ->Edit Form/Report/Func