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There are two options to create browser:

  1. New -> New Browser
  2. AppSystem -> Browser ->Right Click ->Copy Browser

After choosing any one option, the browser form will appear.

Browser Options Tab

Browser Key ->User can set browser key in this block ,Entered Key should be unique for publisher and product.

E.g. gst.Invoice

Browser Name ->User can set Browser Name in this block.

E.g. Invoice

Applications ->User can set application name after select product in this block.

E.g. Kasp

Startup Node ->User can set startup node for browser.

E.g. ID1

Expand Level ->User can set expand level in this block.

E.g. 0

Product ->User can select product in this block.

E.g. ASP

Browser Definition Tab

<ROOT>->Starting Tag Browse definition.

<ID>BROWSEID</ID> ->User can define browse ID in this block

<DISPGRID> -> Starting Tag for grid display.

<VIEW KEY ->starting tag for view key assign

<DISPGRID> -> Ending Tag for grid display.

<TREE> -> Starting Tag for Browse tree

<_DT KEY -> User can set sql query for data source.

<NODE KEY ->Starting Tag for Add Node.

<VIEW KEY->User can assign view key in this block.

<IDX VALUE->User can pass IDX value.

<FILTER KEY ->User can set filter key.

<VALUE VALUE1->Assign filter value.

</FILTER> ->Ending tag for Filter Key.

</VIEW> ->Ending tag for View.

</NODE> ->Ending tag for Node.

</TREE> -> Ending Tag for Browse tree.

</ROOT> -> Ending Tag Browse definition.

DataXML Tab

SysEntXML -> _>


GridCondition ->

Children Tab


Click on AppSystem -> Browsers


Click on AppSystem -> Browsers->Edit Browser