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Grid Tab


Layout-> User can define view layout in this section.

Inverted View->User can marked if require visibility of columns horizontally.

Ban Sort->User can marked in require sorting on view.

Reverse Direction-> User can marked if require visibility of columns from Ending.

Column Headers->User marked if require fixed header.

Fix Columns-User can set fixed no of columns in this block.

strWidth->User can width for visible fields in this block.

Heading Factor->User can set width for header in this block.

strBand->User can set Display name for view.

Row Height Factor->user can set row height in this block.

GroupOn->User can set Group column Name in this block.

Default Wid Fact.->User can set default value of column’s width.

Allow Group By->User can marked if allow group by on header columns.

Sort On Columns->User can set columns require sorting on columns.


User can link multiple views through a key field in this section.

DISPGRID-> We can set display grid between starting & ending tags.

e.g: <DISPGRID> 
     <VIEW KEY="ViewStore"/>  

MAINGRID -> We can define main grid using < MAINGRID >starting & < MAINGRID > ending tags.

e.g: <MAINGRID>    
     <VIEW KEY="ListAdvdemStore">    

VIEW KEY -> User can set view for display grid.

e.g: <VIEW KEY="ListAdvdemStore">

MODROW -> We can applied user define conditions like where condition, hidecolums etc.

e.g: <MODROW>    
     <SQLWHERE2>BusinessEntityID= %idx% </SQLWHERE2>  

SQLWHERE2-> We can applied where condition between & .

e.g :< MODROW>    
     <SQLWHERE2>BusinessEntityID= %idx% </SQLWHERE2>  

HIDECOLS-> We can hide columns using & .

e.g :< MODROW>    	

MAKEREL INSERTAT ->set default value 0.

BANDS ->User can combine all child’s view in this section.

FIELD ->Set idfield

CHILD ->Set child using give value 1, 2 etc.



User can define summary totals for views in this block

< SUMARY COL KEY > Using this tag we can set db column name which total is required.

KEY: Set total key word Totbal.

FORMAT: we can set format for required total values.We can also use different format specifier as per below.

TYPE: In this tag we can set SUM.

Output ->

TotalsXML-> Using this tag we can set summary totals of require columns.

TOTAL is starting tag and < /TOTAL> is ending tag.

TITLE -> we can set title for display.

FIELD -> < FIELD> is starting tag and < /FIELD> is ending tag.

KEY -> We set column for which total required like this.


SUM-> We can use sum key word for calculate sum value of set column.

E.g: SUM=”SUM”

Output ->