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DataSource Tab

User can set data source SQL for view output in this section.

AppliFilters ->User can set list of filters which are applicable on this view.

E.g- Comp,Campus ..etc

Type ->User can set Data source query type Default value is Fields but user can it to Template as per requirement.

View Width Percent ->User can set view’s output percentage.

Ignore Paging ->Default value for this is False but user can set True if paging require on view output.

Fields Tab

Select-> User can set fields of Data source Query without select and Form keywords.

From-> User can set Data Source Tables or Functions.

Client-> User can use Client if DataSoursce is PDCClientView

Group By-> User can set Group by Fields of select query.

Having-> If SQL query included Having Condition then user can set having condition in this section.

Order BY-> User can set Order columns in this section.

Fixed Where-> User can set fixed where conditions in this section.

ObjPermission-> User can set Object which must be present in that Product.

Parameters Tab

FiltParam-> User can set fixed filter with default value in this block.

Note: FiltParam should be in XML Code and use correct Syntax. If syntax not correct then errors showing in Errors block and applied Filters should be present in AppliFilters List.


<FILTER> ->Starting Tag.

FILTER KEY->Set Filter key define in Table ClientFilter

ACTION->Set Default

VALUE VALUE1->Set IdField like FinyearID.Function Currfinid pick current finyearid.

OPERTYPE->Set operation type like eq for Equal.

</FILTER> ->Ending Tag.


WhereParam ->

How to Create where param:

User can create user define where conditions as per requirement between starting tag & ending tag and apply particular on menu’s in menu definition.

 E.g: <INVSL> Starting Tag & </INVSL> ending tag.DocType=’IS’ User define condtion

How to use where param:

E.g. Use WhereParam conditions in MenuDefination