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Dashboard Tab


Using this tag we can create html template.



< DASHBOARD >: < DASHBOARD > is starting tag & < /DASHBOARD> is ending tag.

How to define a Panel: We can define a panel for dashboard using below code.

< VIEW KEY=”chtAdvdemDepvsEmp”>< /VIEW>

How to define Layout of dashboard:

< ROW>
< COLUMN CSSCLASS=”col-md-12”>
< ROW>
< COLUMN PANEL=”0” CSSCLASS=”col-md-6”/>
< COLUMN PANEL=”1” CSSCLASS=”col-md-6”/>
< /ROW>
< ROW>
< COLUMN PANEL=”2” CSSCLASS=”col-md-6”/>
< COLUMN PANEL=”3” CSSCLASS=”col-md-6”/>
< /ROW>
< /ROW>

Output ->


We can manage navigation in this section.

ClsActionBoxModel: Starting tag < clsActionBoxModel> and ending tag < /clsActionBoxModel>

ActionList: we can define all action lists starting tag < Actions> and ending between starting tag < ActionList> and ending tag </ActionList>

Actions: we can define all type actions betweentag < /Actions>

clsActionModel: we can define action model and all other properties between < clsActionModel> and < /clsActionModel>

Category: We can set category of actions between < Category> & < /Category> like addfrm, editfrm, nav etc.

Caption: we can give caption for added action as per requirement for this use tag like this:< Caption>Add Call< /Caption>

Tag: All objects keys should be define between < Tag> and < /Tag>

FRM KEY: we can set key for define action like this with required prams like this: < FRM KEY=”frmCall”>< PARAMS idfield=”SalesCaseID” idvalue= “$idx$”/>< /FRM>

PARAMS: We can use different parameters as per applicable like IDField, IdValue etc

Idfield: we can pass column name in this parameter with “.

IDvalue: we can pass value for passed idfield like “$idx$”.