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Systable ID’s


Click on New->New Sys Table

SysTable Tab

Sortindex->User can set an integer value for sortindex.

Applications->User can set application code here, if not set any value then it’s systableid accessible for all apps of selected Product.

E.g. advdem

ID Field->User can set key field here it’s unique with Publisher & Product.

E.g. InvoiceID

Table Name->User can set Table name of Key Field.

E.g. Invoice

Descrip ID->User can Display Name of Key Field.

E.g. Invoice

Product->User can select Product for which Systableid is created.

DataXML->User can set check condition in this section.

E.g. <CHECK/>

Select View Key->User can set View key for default View Output.

Select View Filter -> User can set Filter key which apply on default view Output for created systableid.

Children Tab

User can add accessibility of Systableid for other Product.

Product->User can set Products for accessibility of systableid.

E.g. Adventure Demo

AppList->User can set applist here.

E.g. adm


Click on AppSystem -> Systable ID’s


Click on AppSystem -> SystableID’s->Right Click->Edit SysTable